Never Say Never

OK. So, we clearly had technical difficulties on the last post. I will reformat and post for those who wanted to see Jordan’s photo narrative and my mini-documentary of her making it.

I also have much to write about … but not today. I’m racing toward deadline on my next book and I’m kind of out of words.

But! I will share this little tidbit. Jordan, Jeanette and I went last night to see Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber biopic. (Luc elected to sit this one out.) Jordan loved the film, and it wasn’t just a mild crush on the Bieb. She loved every bit about the movie – his energy, the thought of rising from obscurity to social media phenom, the drive to do something when other people say, “no way.” At the end of the movie, when the Bieb starts singing the title track, Jordan turned to me and said, “Just like me. Never give up.”

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