I wrote this for Jordan the night before she started a burst of seizures. She was scheduled to travel to CHLA for blood work and a port flush. I couldn’t join her. I made a little card and left it on the dining table for her. Jeanette told me Jordan loved it, and wanted to call me to tell me so just seconds before the first seizure hit.

She doesn’t remember any of it. But I post this for her to stumble upon some day again. I still wish all of these intentions true.

When you get bored,
think of the color green,
and a blanket of grass
on a summer scene.

When you get scared,
think of the color blue,
and a swimming pool
with a raft for me and you.

When you get sad,
think of the color pink,
like a lemonade
you might like to drink.

When you get cross,
think of the color purple,
and all your dear friends
gathered round in a circle.

And when you get tired
think of the color red,
like a blushing rose,
or my heart, instead.

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